Such Beauty


-Good Day.

I have toyed around with this poem a lot and changed it around; I still might do in the future. I can’t really explain this poem too much because I did not have a central theme when I sat down and wrote the preparatory lines but it is mainly about the beauty and the erosion of Innocence in the way I see it. The first stanza is probably too abstract in parts which hopefully will change in the future.




Such beauty, such exquisite wonder

Stands gracefully in front of me now,

And even the sun with its

Outstretched, welcoming fingers of warmth

Cannot hope to understand what lies before it.

In wondrous silence the world admires

this being of agonising awe;

It shivers in the moonlight of a thousand

stars that bow down in unconditional love.

As it strolls through the forest

The trees gaze after it in admiration,

The oaks stand proud and the firs lean in,

Desperately grasping for the rays of warmth

That emanate, quietly and forgiving from

It’s radiant skin.


Its voice murmurs along the leaf-stricken path

And the ground sighs as it walks elegantly by,

Brushing its dress gently on the forest floor.

The light streams through the ancient oaks

And comes to rest on its lips that explode with passion,

Its face is unblemished by Innocence which

Leads it by the hand into the cool daylight.


As it departs from the forest, a trail of life and prosperity

Follows, dancing along in the summer dusk,

Laughing and crying at such beauty.

For when age eats away at this sacred child

This beautiful creature dissolves in the cold snows

That envelop it, that suffocate and poison

This vibrant and innocent child

For such beauty cannot last forever,

Such beauty will fade into the drifts of time

And worry, and be lost.


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