“There are 480 …

“There are 480 species of animal that exhibits homosexual behaviour, but only one species of animal on Earth that exhibits homophobic behaviour. So which is normal?” – Stephen Fry


This is in response to those who use the argument of normality against gay marriage and gay people in general. I am aware that homophobia may be directly related to the fact that humans are sentient beings but on the other hand, almost every species of animal on the earth is capable of evil, whether that be violence or neglect to others. I believe that Fry’s point holds though that homosexuality is not partaken by humans only and the different ways in which animals display homosexual tendencies do not extend only to sex; they involve courtship, affection, pair bonding and also parenting. so in nature there are same sex families yet in our ‘sentient’ race many still cannot accept that same sex families are FINE.




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