My first time


We had noticed each other for a while beforehand.

Quick glances across the choir stalls to see if he was looking.

And when he was, a quick smile and then looking back to the music

While my own song beat in my chest.


We walked past closed shops selling antiques and women’s clothes;

Me wearing my boots and him in cute plimsolls.

We chatted about families as families walked by

On the cold, damp pavement that carried us.


He turned into the coffee shop and I followed, inwardly

Floating with happiness. The smell of ground coffee

Sank into my pores as we sat opposite each other;

Coats on the backs of our chairs as if removing a layer of protection

And revealing for the first time a hidden part of ourselves.


An hour we sat, talking about ourselves, about each other, about nonsense.

I watched his mouth as he talked, transfixed by his

Soft, tender voice while his eyes sparkled under

Christmas lighting, red, yellow and green.

Drinks forgotten, the world around us became blurred

As I came to know him.


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