A poetic interpretation/rewriting of Orpheus’ return from the underworld written when I was at boarding school


The light at the end of the tunnel

Drew nearer and nearer,

My love, ever so dearer

Now behind me, follows as I fly.

After darkness comes the light,

And like the sun rising over the horizon

It blinds me to look at the brightness

But if I turn back, well…

She would be taken from me,

Stripped like a piece of chicken from the bone,

Stripped from me too far away from home

So I stare at the oncoming light of the world.

I hear the sounds so long

forgotten from this dead world.

The birds singing, not just spirits wailing,

The rustling of peaceful trees.

I reach the top, feet collide

Into earth, not rocks burnt black

By the suffering of souls.

In my joy, and confusion I turn

Waiting to see my love burn

With love and relief.

But instead I see,

Not her, but me,

A quiet reflection in a watery pond,

My love not there. My love, so fond

Has not come back

From that world so dark, bleak and black.


2 thoughts on “Orpheus

  1. That’s such a great painting! Do you know who painted it? Do you by chance know of other great Orpheus paintings? Thanks a lot for posting it – really wondrous!

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