How best to combat gun violence?

The fine work of my brother

The Cloughington Post


Here are some stats that made me incredulous as to why gun regulation had stalled at a Federal level and more hasn’t been done at a state level.

All the US military and coalition deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan multiplied by 5 doesn’t equal the deaths by gun violence in America since Newtown (Sandy Hook).

Since the Sandy Hook mass shooting on December 14th, 2012; guns in the US have killed 44,364 people

Americans overwhelmingly support expanding background checks, in March 2013 a CBS News poll found that 90 percent of Americans favour background checks on potential gun buyers.

Of course we must consider and ask ourselves why the gunman is normally an alienated young man with deep troubles who has not received any help. But that is not a short-term solution, nor is banning all guns, which would be rash, unconstitutional and an affront to American…

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