Rejection is a hard pill to swallow,

Yet a weight was lifted and then suddenly dropped

As an angel dashes me against pillared rocks.


Sadness and embarrassment envelop me,

A mistaken joke that brings tears to the innocent.

Chopin’s melodies fall about my ears as a similar sinner

Comforts me with shallow words.


The angel whom I adore knows my sin

But cannot help my struggle,

Rejection merely intensifies the weight

Of my selfish humiliation.


Life goes on for the dammed,

But my angel will never fall

Into my arms.

Pained glances from afar will never do justice

For my angel, my angel.


3 thoughts on “Sin

  1. Beautiful words. Just when you wanna give up on love, someone new will come around that will garner the same intensity of love as you do. 🙂

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