This is a re-imagining of Mark Antony’s speech after the death of Caesar

Oh woe! The news that Caesar is deceased

Has wrenched my poor heart out of line.

I feel astounded and can’t think it true

But there it is, the truth right in my face.

Those conspirators who dealt with Caesar’s heart

Have bled this city of its glorious lord.

What to do? Now Caesar is now no more,

Must I hide from those assassins bold?

Who go and murder Caesar as they please

Or live my life in shadows dark and lean.

Can I explain to Casca that I’m his?

Can I survive my life with this dread thought?

I must approach them and explain my place

In this world filled up with greed and murdered kings.

This world of menace and aspiring dreams.

I will explain what side I’m on to plead

My guilty heart and who I must believe.

But still the whole that is my heart is gone,

Away with pain and death of Caesar bold.

I fear for my life and for ever more,

That those conspirators will kill me too.

How long will I survive until my death?

A day, a month of maybe even more,

‘Till I am dead from stab wounds many times

What is there left to do but plead and beg

For my life to be spared and let me go.

The devil Cassius and Casca fair

Have routed Rome’s great leader to extinct.

Now lies an empty seat in Senate tall,

Now lies an empty cavern in my heart,

Now lies my great friend Caesar in the dirt.

Of the capitol filled with his red blood.

What will become of Rome now he is gone?

Will Gauls and other armies take our shores?

Our land which we have fought so hard to gain,

Our women, who have given us new life

In shape of babes that thrive and give us joy.

But now with Caesar gone the threat returns,

Our babes no longer safe from evil hands,

And Caesar, wondrous Caesar can it be

That your death was so brutal that I may

Be killed the same way as your wondrous self

That I may go and hide from brutal hounds

As Casca and of the brutal Brutus?

I am so weak that I can only beg

For my life hangs astray from grasp of mine,

It lies in hand of Brutus and so I

Must kneel before him and make sure I live.

And I mark Antony must bide my time

And wait for just a moment when I can

Have vengeance for killing my Caesar!


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