The wind rustles silently through the guttural branches of gnarled trees,

The trunks sway in the breeze of a thousand breaths

That lifts up my soul and carries it away into the depths of the tumultuous sky,

And only my heart is left, Helpless

Against the torrent of gasps in the bottomless depths of the sky

That buffer me into confusion as surroundings become

Blurred and distorted and I fall.

The ground feels soft against my back as I lie back,

And words, emotions, and thoughts flutter like butterflies round the undergrowth.

And while the cool summer wind soars round my hair,

I can’t help but feel blessed in this dusk, crisp air.

While the sun makes its majestic course over the speckled horizon

A blue tit, flitting from branch to branch, finally rests above my head.

Like me, it gazes longingly into the distance, perhaps thinking, like me, of

What lies on the other side, and perhaps, there is something brilliant

Over the horizon, or is it simply the end.


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