As the train comes



As the train comes

People stand up

Waiting for light

Put down their cups.


As it draws near

Children with fear

Run away fast

Hearing the blast.


Noise growing loud

Air coming thick

hair once so neat

now is a nest.


Whirlwind of air

Tunnel lights up

Scraping of rails

Train coming in.


Fast as a flash

Loud as a bull

Bright as lightning

Train nearly full


Train slowing down

Weird alien noise

Mad rush for front

Pushes and shoves


People come out

People go in

Racing for space

Sitting on seats


Doors closing soon

Everyone breaths

Sighs of relief

Fill up the train.


One distraught man

Running along

Tapping on windows

Trying to get in.


Doors now are shut

Man can’t get in

Weeping with tears

Losing his boy


Saying “My son

Is on that train!

Please make it stop

Where is my boy?”


Then we all hear

Cries of a boy

Wailing with fright

Looking for dad.


Distraught man stops,

Platform now gone,

Tears in his eyes

He starts to run.


As the train leaves

Boy in hysterics,

No hand to hold,

No hand to hold.



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