Dido’s Throne


The breeze sweeps over Dido’s throne

From where her broken heart was finally split,

But now I am made whole by

The salt air, ghostly wings soaring through

The turbulent skies.


Below, glimmering and simmering, Thales’ element

Rises up to me and falls with a crash,

unable to reach Dido’s throne.

Her cries of grief echo in the endlessness

Of ocean, but I am not affected.


Above, another infinte stretches out before me,

One so vast as to contain a multitude of

Suns, fires encased in cosmic bowls.

Each light rejuvinates me, stood atop

The cliffs, arms stretched wide, as Dido

Once stood watching a distant ship disappearing

Beyond the world’s border.


Her throne now empty,

A silent clifftop

Without its queen.


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